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Navigation Practice Weekend

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27 August
Dave Gray and Doug Florence
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Club Hut
The area and details of the meet
The proposal is now to use the area at the top of the Sychnant Pass which is by Conwy, as it (a) gives access to a reasonable easy hill area with a confusing plethora of tracks and paths and features of interest; we want to focus on the navigation so will aim to do easy-ish walking (b) there's parking (c) we can adapt a bit for weather and (d) maps are easy you need the OS 1:50.000 Landranger #115 or the OS 1:25,000 Explorer equivalent which many of you will have given it's Snowdonia.
We will cover and practice what you want but below is a prospective curriculum. It'd help if (a) you would indicate to us both please if you would like to come and (b) what you'd like to cover from the items below, what you feel you can do already from what is below, and (c) any further things/aspects you want covering
Potential Subjects:
1. Basic map reading - orientation, the grid, scale, contours and symbols
2. Navigation by eye - relating the map to the ground you see as you go so you know where you are and where you are going
3. 'Techie' navigation being
(a) how to give a grid reference (you need this if you want to use a GPS back up)
(b) all misty and can't see? - how to set and walk on a compass bearing (please bring a compass if you have one!)
(c) all misty and can't see? - how to measure your distance by pacing (cf by timing)