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Saturday Walk: Wenlock Edge

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04 October
Pete Mann
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The area and details of the meet
Wenlock Edge is a sixteen mile (26 km) escarpment that began life as a coral reef south of the Equator millions of years ago, and was left there under a shallow tropical sea. Today it is probably Britains best fossil-rich, natural feature and is in the hands of the National Trust. It is formed from a thick band of limestone on which sits extensive woodland which acts as a haven for an abundance of local wildlife.
The Edge streches between the Shropshire towns of Ironbridge and Craven Arms and along it you will find panoramic views, remains of ancient quarries and limekilns, fossils, wildlife and rare flowers. In fact forty or more species of flowering plant have been found in one square metre of the Edge. You'll find species like cowslip, ladies bedstraw, and wild thyme.