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Saturday Walk: Blackstone Edge

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07 February
Brenda Turnbull
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Day meet
The area and details of the meet
On the the moors above Todmorden in West Yorkshire, Daniel Defoe called Blackstone Edge ‘The Andes of England’ – perhaps that’s going a bit far but this is a very accessible area of wild gritstone moorland with a good network of paths, which may be new for many members.
For many people the highlight of the area is the monument of Stoodley Pike. This monument replaced an earlier structure, started in 1814 to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon and the surrender of Paris. It was completed in 1815, after the Battle of Waterloo, but collapsed in 1854 after an earlier lightning strike, and decades of weathering. The replacement was therefore built slightly further from the edge of the hill, and a lightning conductor was later added