18 November
Dave Gray
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The area and details of the meet
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This meet is in the beautful limestone hills of Bryn Alyn, east of the Clwyds near Llanferres on the A494. This area has cliffs and limestone pavement features akin to those seen in the Yorkshire Dales.

The walk is a circuit on good paths and tracks, there is one moderately steep ascent, and one minor stream crossing with stepping stones, but it's basically a moderate hill day. We can do various lengths of walk and I would anticipate we'll flex this when we see the weather on the day. As a guide the 'long' version of the circuit is about 8 miles.

There is reasonable free parking and I would anticipate going for a 10.00 am start, I will post more detailed arrangements nearer the time.

Meantime if you have any queries please get in touch, by email or on 07307 613432.