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This is a 2nd edition produced in digital format by David Lane-Joynt of John Huxley's book which was originally published in April 1999, and is now reproduced by kind permission of John Huxley's heirs. For this edition Mike McEneany has given David access to his old photo albums, which are a treasure trove of memories of the early days of the club, and David has added a number of colour photos to illustrate the text.

The content is designed for ease of reading online, and is presented to make it easy to dip into if that's your preference!

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Introduction Introduction
Chapter 1 The Early Years
Chapter 2 Tan-y-Garth
Chapter 3 Capel Curig Club
Chapter 4 The Welsh Three Thousands
Chapter 5 The Members
Chapter 6 Cumbrian Memories
Chapter 7 Northern Hills
Chapter 8 North of the Border
Chapter 9 On Rock
Chapter 10 Going Long-Haul
Chapter 11 Elsewhere in Britain
Chapter 12 The Alps
Chapter 13 Further Afield
Chapter 14 The Silver Jubilee
Chapter 15 Thirty Years On
Chapter 16 Meeting and Eating
Chapter 17 The Magazines
Chapter 18 Postscript
Chapter 19 Appendices
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