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27-29 March Hut Weekend: 53rd Annual Dinner: Now cancelled
24 Mar Annual General Meeting
14 March Saturday Walk: Chee Dale
28 Feb - 1 Mar Hut Weekend
28 Feb–1 Mar Patterdale
24-27 February Fort William Meet
15 February Saturday Walk: Ward's Stone Bowland
7-9 February Hut Weekend
4 Feb Tuesday evening talk: Stok Kangri and beyond
30 January Thursday Walk: Loggerheads to Ruthin
24-26 Jan Hut Weekend: Burns Night
21 Jan Tuesday evening talk - Spanish Pyrenees
11 January Saturday Walk: Clwyds
21 Dec - 5 Jan Hut: Christmas and New Year Meet
6-8 Dec Hut Weekend
6 December Christmas Meal
30 November Saturday Walk: Tal-Y-Fan
22-24 Nov Hut Weekend
15-17 Nov Kendal Mountain Festival
14 November Thursday Walk: Rhosesmor to Loggerheads
12 November Tuesday evening talk - Geoff Brierley
9-10 Nov Hut Weekend: Work Weekend
1-3 Nov Hut Weekend: Bonfire Party
12-20 October Sierra Nevada
11-13 October Lakes Camping Barn
10 October Thursday walk: Penhryn to Beaumaris Castles
5 October Saturday Walk: Saddleworth Moor
27-29 Sept Chairman's Luxury Meet: Borrowdale
20-22 Sept Hut Weekend: Cycle out to the Hut
16-19 Sept Glencoe Bunkhouse
7 September Saturday Walk: Shining Tor
29 August Thursday walk: Pen y Gwrd Hotel towards Nant Gwynant
22 August North Wales Railway excursion
16-18 August Hut Weekend: Sikkim Experience
10 August Saturday Walk: Rush Up Edge
26-28 July Rhoscolyn Bunkhouse
18 July Thursday Walk: North Wales Castles Trail
12-14 July Hut Weekend
6 July Saturday Walk: Berwyns
5-7 July Hut Weekend
21-23 June Hut Weekend: Welsh 3000 Event
15 June Saturday Walk: Long Mynd
7-9 June Hut: Prospective Members Weekend
26 May – 2 Jun Scottish Late May Meet: Aviemore
18-May Saturday Walk: Cross Fell
17-19 May Hut Weekend
11 May Saturday Walk: Cadair Idris
26-28 April Hut Weekend: St Georges Dinner
19-22 April Hut Weekend: Easter
18 April Thursday walk: Flint Castle to Rosesmor.
30-31 Mar Hut Weekend: 52nd Annual Dinner
26 Mar Annual General Meeting
21 March Thursday Walk: Hawarden to Flint castle
16-17 Mar Lakes Camping Barn
2-3 Mar Hut Weekend
17-20 Feb Winter Scottish Meet: Fort William
12 February Tuesday Walk: Caergwrle to Hawarden
9-10 Feb Hut Weekend
5 Feb Tuesday evening talk: Lobuche trek in Nepal
26-27 Jan Hut Weekend: Burns Night Dinner
24 January Thursday Walk: Around the Wirral
15 Jan Tuesday evening talk - Mt Toubkal
12-13 Jan Hut Weekend
5 January Saturday Walk: Bryn Alyn
22 Dec - 2 Jan Hut: Christmas & New Year Meet
14 December Christmas Meal
8-9 December Hut Weekend: Wine Tasting
1-8 Dec Mount Toubkal
24 November Saturday Walk: Witton Weavers Way and Darwen Moor
17-18 Nov Hut Weekend
17-18 Nov Kendal Mountain Festival
3-4 Nov Hut Weekend: Bonfire Night
20-21 Oct Hut Weekend: Work Weekend
13-14 Oct St Johns in the Vale Camping Barn
6 October Saturday Walk: Clwyds
29 Sep - 1 Oct Chairman's Luxury Meet
22 September Saturday Walk: Pendle Hill
20 September Thursday Walk: Cancelled due to weather
15-16 Sept Hut Weekend:
8-9 Sept Llyn Peninsula Camping Weekend
1-2 September Hut Cycling Weekend: Wirral to Hut and back
18 August Saturday Walk: Howgills
11 August Saturday Walk: Jacobs Ladder/Rushup Edge Part 1
4 August Saturday Walk: Llangollen Long Distance Walk
28-29 July Hut Weekend
28-29 July Rhoscolyn Bunk House
14-15 July Hut Weekend
12-14 July Welsh 3000s - The Easy Way
7 July Saturday Walk: Rhyd Talog
7-8 July Hut Weekend: Private party
21 June Thursday Walk: Snowdon via the South Ridge
16 June Saturday Walk: Rushup Edge Part 1
9-10 June Hut Weekend: Prospective Members
26 May - 2 June Scottish Late May Bank Holiday Week
26-28 May Hut Bank Holiday Weekend
24 May Thursday Walk: Carnedds from Bethesda
12 May Saturday Walk: Foel Fenlli/Moel Famau
5-12 May Torridon Meet
21-22 April Hut: St George's Dinner Weekend
19 April Thursday walk: Aran Fawddwy
14-15 Apr Glamping Lakes Weekend
30 Mar - 2 Apr Hut Easter Weekend
24-25 March Hut Weekend: 51st Annual Dinner
20 March Annual General Meeting
3-4 March Hut Weekend
18-22 February Scottish Winter Meet
17-18 February George Starkey Hut Patterdale
10-11 February Hut Weekend
6 February Tuesday evening talk - Long distance walks in Europe
27-28 January Hut Weekend: Burn's Night Dinner
16 January Tuesday evening talk - The Inca Trail
13-14 January Black Sail Hut
13-14 January Hut Weekend
6 January Saturday Day Trip: Sefton Coast by Rail
22 Dec to 1 Jan Hut: Christmas & New Year Meet
16 Dec Christmas Party
12 December Tuesday evening talk - Mt Kilimanjaro
9-10 December Hut Weekend
28 November Tuesday Evening Talk - The Wainwrights
25 November Saturday Walk: The Cheshire Sandstone Ridge
18-19 November Hut Weekend: Work Weekend
4-5 November Hut Weekend: Bonfire Night
28-29 October St John's Camping Barn
14-15 October Hut Weekend
14-15 October Wasdale Show & Camping Pods
12-22 October Kilimanjaro Trek
10 October Tuesday evening talk: Sikkim Expedition
7 October Saturday Walk: Hope to Edale
30 September Saturday Walk: Berwyn Corwen & Liberty Hall
23-24 September Hut Weekend
21 September Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen
16-17 September Lleyn Peninsula Camping Meet
2-3 September Hut Weekend: Mexican Night
26-28 August Wild Camping Meet
12-13 August Hut Weekend
5 August Saturday walk: Rylstone - Cracoe Fell
5-6 August Hut Weekend
29-30 July Roscolyn Bunk House
22-23 July Hut Weekend
22-23 July Yorkshire Dales Caving Meet
8-9 July Hut Weekend: Prospective Member's BBQ
24-25 June Hut Weekend: Welsh 3000's Event
17 June Saturday Walk: Graig Fawr and Moel Hirradug
10-11 June Hut Weekend
28 May to 4 June Cairngorms Meet: Aviemore
26 -30 May Loch Ossian Meet
20 May Saturday Walk: Wirral Coast
13-14 May Hut Weekend
22 April Hut: St George's Dinner
14-17 April Hut Weekend: Easter Bank Holiday Weekend
14 Apr to 7 May Sikkim Expedition
8 April Saturday Walk: The Roaches
1-2 April Hut: Club First Aid Weekend
25-26 March Hut Weekend: 50th Anniversary Annual Dinner
21 March Annual General Meeting
4-5 March Hut Weekend: Ginnasium
18-19 February Hut Weekend
11 February Saturday Walk: Bryn Alyn
4-5 February Hut Weekend
21-22 January Hut Weekend: Burns Night
7 January Saturday Meet: Berwyns
19 Dec to 2 Jan Hut: Christmas & New Year Meet
10 December Saturday Walk: Three Peaks of Wirral
2-3 December Hut Weekend
1 December 2017 Programme due out
19 November Saturday Walk: Shining Tor, Windgather Rocks
17 November Thursday Walk: Plynlimon
11-12 November Work Weekend at the Hut
4-5 November Hut Weekend: Bonfire Night
28-29 October Lakes Camping Barn Meet
22 October Saturday Walk: Edale to Chinley
20 October Thursday Walk: Moel Emoel from near Bala
14-15 October Hut Weekend
30 Sept-2 Oct Chairman's Luxury Meet
23-24 September Llyn Peninsula Camping
16-17 September Hut Weekend
15 September Thursday Walk: Rhinog Fach
27 August Navigation Practice Weekend
18 August Thursday Walk: Tops & Tarns of the Moelwyns
12-13 August Hut Weekend
5-6 August Anglesey BBQ
29-30 July Hut Weekend
21 July Thursday Walk: Yr Aran from Berhania (Nant Gwynant)
15-16 July Hut Weekend: for Prospective Members
9-10 July Nuala's Bryn Crug Camp Meet
9 July Saturday Walk: Yorkshire 3 Peaks in a Day
24-25 June Hut Weekend: Welsh 3000's
17-18 June Windermere Lake: Canoe/Kayak Solstice Camp
16 June Thursday Walk: Yr Elen from Gerlan, Bethesda
10-11 June Hut Weekend
28 May to 4 Jun Skye Meet
19 May Thursday Walk: Drosgly & Gyrn Wigau from Rachup
13-14 May Hut Weekend
30 Apr to 7 May Mull Meet
22-23 April Hut Weekend: St Georges Meet
21 April Thursday Walk: Nantile Ridge
16 April Saturday Walk: Clwyds
8-9 April Howgills Camping Trip
25-27 March Hut Weekend: Easter
18-19 March Hut Weekend: Annual Dinner
17 March Thursday Walk: Moel Eilio from Llanberis
5 March Saturday: Welsh 3000's Recce
5 March Saturday Walk: Winter Hill circular walk
26-27 February Hut Weekend
21 February Sunday Walk: South Clwyds/Bryn Alyn
16 February Tuesday evening talk: The Bolivian High Mountains
9 February Tuesday evening indoor climbing
22-23 January Hut Weekend: Burns Night
9 January Saturday Walk: Llangollen
21 Dec-02 Jan Hut: Christmas/New Year Meet
8 December Tuesday evening talk: Club holidays
04-05 December Hut Weekend
21 November Saturday Walk: Etherow & Werneth Low Country Parks
06-07 November Hut Weekend: Bonfire Party
31 October Saturday Walk: Bowland
16-17 October Hut Weekend
10 October Saturday Walk: Macclesfield Forest Hills
03 October Saturday Walk: Wenlock Edge
25-27 September CLM Self Catering Meet
18-19 September Hut Weekend
11-12 September Lleyn Peninsula Camping
5 Sept to 12 Sept French Alps Week
07-08 August Hut Weekend
01-02 August Roscolyn Camping Meet
01-05 August Glencoe
17-18 July Hut Weekend: Prospective members welcome
11 July Saturday Walk: Sandstone Trail in a day
03-04 July Bryncrug Camping Meet
26-27 June Hut Weekend: Welsh 3000s (TBA)
05-06 June Patterdale Hut Meet
22-30 May NW Scotland Self Catering week: Ullapool
15-16 May Hut Weekend: Cycle to Hut
16 May Gail's Birthday Ceildh Neston
01-02 May Brecon Beacons Bunkhouse
01-02 May Margaret's birthday activity weekend
24-25 April Hut Weekend:St George's Day
17-18 April Hut Weekend : Founder Members' 70th celebration
14 April Sikkim evening talk
24 March Rocky Mountains evening talk
20-21 March Hut Weekend: 48th Annual Dinner & Welsh 3000's recce
07 March Saturday Walk: Brown Clee Hill
28 February Saturday Walk: West Pennine Moors
24 February Via Ferrata evening - 2030 in the Stork
20-21 February Hut Weekend
07 February Saturday Walk: Blackstone Edge
31 January Saturday Walk: Wirral
23-24 January Hut Weekend - Burns Night
10 January Saturday Walk: Berwyns
21 Dec-04 Jan Hut: Christmas/New Year Meet
06 December Saturday Walk: Clwyds (TBC)
28-29 November Hut Weekend
22 November Saturday Walk: Goyt Valley
07-08 November Hut Weekend: Bonfire Party
31 Oct-01 Nov North Lakes Camping Barn Weekend
17-18 October Hut weekend
10-11 October Wasdale Show Camping Weekend
04 October Saturday Walk: Wenlock Edge
26-27 September CLM Self Catering Meet
12-13 September Hut Weekend: Cycling Meet
05-06 September Rhinogs Camping Weekend
29-30 August Langdale Hut Meet
16 August Saturday walk Hope to Edale
08-09 August Hut weekend
01-02 August Rhoscolyn BBQ
18-19 July Hut Weekend: Welsh 3000s
04-05 July Buttermere Camping Weekend
27-28 June Hut Weekend: Navigation practice
20-22 June Canal Trip (3 Days)
13-14 June Coniston Hut Weekend
23-31 May Knoydart Week (BH)
16-17 May Hut Weekend & Welsh 300 recce
25-26 April Hut Weekend: St George’s Day& Welsh 3000's recce
12 April Saturday Walk: North Wales Coastal Path
04-05 April Hut weekend: New/Prospective members taster weekend
28-29 March Hut Weekend: 47th Annual Dinner & Welsh 3000's recce
15 March Saturday Walk : Wirral Circular
07-08 March Borrowdale Hut Weekend
01 March Saturday Walk: Roaches
21-22 February Hut Weekend
08 February Saturday Walk: Arans circuit
01 February Saturday Walk: Shropshire
24-25 January Hut Weekend: Burns Night
11 January Saturday Walk: Cannock Chase
01-04 January Hut: New Year Meet
The CLM meet in September is always popular, and this years meet was in the Lake District.
Symphony crack at Roscolyn (August meet) is a popular introduction to rock climbing
We hold regular social events at our hut (Bonfire night party pictured)